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Residential Services

Afraid to call?

Worried about trying to comprehend your computer needs and options?

Don't be!!

The experts at ALBICA Computers take a step-by-step approach with home users that takes the mystery out of high technology. We provide the following services specifically designed to meet your needs:

  • General computer repair and training to address complex problems or plain old confusion.
  • Computer hardware and software consultation and comparison based on your specific needs .
  • Home network design and setup, including wireless networking.
  • Dial-UP or DSL set up and installation takes the hassle out of getting connected to the World Wide Web.

You can always count on getting the truth about the options that are best for your PC or home network. Those options may not be the ones you would like to hear, but they will be the best fit for your specific requirements.

One example which happens almost weekly is a request to upgrade the memory on a PC to make it faster or provide more disk storage space. Almost 9 out of 10 requests for this type of work are refused. The PC could be upgraded as requested, but the improvement would not be cost effective and in reality a waste of your money. When you treat people fairly - they tell their friends who gave them great service.