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The network has become the hub around which the informational assets of most businesses flow. If the network has problems, the business has problems. As the complexities of network hardware and software have grown, so have the challenges of making your network an asset that contributes to your business success, instead of a liability that creates problems for everyone.

Additionally, security has become a major concern for all businesses. Across your internal network and out to the Internet, lax security can cause a myriad of problems - including significant legal liabilities.

From the initial design of a new network to the security, troubleshooting, upgrade and maintenance of an existing one, we can help. Whether in a consulting situation or as a hands-on project, we can help make your network work for you while keeping costs to a minimum.

The services we provide include the following:

Support of existing networks
We can act as your in-house network expert, on-call, available when problems arise or new needs develop.

New network setup
If you're starting from scratch with a new network, let us recommend the best possible solution for you. Without an understanding of your business, its goals and its culture, it's easy to go astray and design a network that doesn't support your business plans. We work with you to develop a plan that will support your business goals without gutting your budget with unnecessary and unneeded systems.

Network troubleshooting
Often problems that are difficult to diagnose become obvious when viewed from a fresh perspective. We can help uncover those troubling problems and get your network humming again in record time.

Vendor evaluation
When a major IT expenditure is being considered we can play "devil's advocate" and help anticipate the dangers that you may not have found in the hardware and software solutions under consideration. It's a simple case of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Be sure your decision is a correct one - for you. We can help.

Security audits
We can do for you what hackers try to do to you - we search out the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and holes that allow hackers to gain access to your network or your web site. We search for all known vulnerabilities; currently over 1,600 ways hackers can attack your system. For each vulnerability found we explain exactly what the danger is and exactly what to do to plug the holes.

Web Site Design
We can design a site to get your business up and running on the internet. From a simple informational site to get your company name on the web to a full featured E-Commerce site that can provide additional revenue growth